Profile of Dr Lamin Bolonding Bojang

Born on the 6 th day of June in the year of our Holy Prophet Jesus Christ (Issa Ibn Mariam) 1954, a baby was born and named after the Holy Prophet of Islam Muhammed Ibn Abdullah (peace be upon him). His name therefore is Muhammed Lamin Bojang in accordance with Mandingo traditional nomenclature instead of Muhammed Lamin Ousman Habib a strict Islamic nomenclature system as his father is called Ousman Bojang and the Grandfather Habib Bojang.

The name of his mother is Zahrah Bojang (called in Mandingo Jarah Bojang). In 1960 he entered Brikama Primary School at the age of six. In 1966 after sitting to the Common entrance examination, he secured a place at Crab Island Junior Secondary School located in Bathurst the Capital City of The Gambia.

In 1968, because of his outstanding performance he was recommended to the best Grammar school FORM 3 “B” of Gambia High School. GHS was the best Grammar school where students were prepared for university courses abroad before independence; the other best grammar schools were Armitage High School and Saint Augustine High School.

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Bikiling Clinic

Bikiling Clinic is one of the most famous clinics in Brikama. More infor coming soon.

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