Guideline for users

Users are encouraged to first read the guidelines for better navigation of the bidding packages.

  • The main aim of the GPPA Standardized Bidding Documents (SBDs) is to provide information, support and development services to Procuring Entities and the Contracting Community on the use of the Standardized Bidding Documents (SBDs) with a view to speeding up the preparation of the tender documents and simplifying the compilation of the (SBDs).
  • Specifically, GPPA provides training on compilation of the (SBDs) to Procurement Units, Ministerial Tender Committees and District Administration Tender Committees secretaries. This will also involves understanding the Procuring Entities’ needs and recommending the type of package to be used, and the selection of the forms to comprise a specific package.

A comprehensive package of Standard Bidding Documents (SBDs) for Good, Works and Services, are below.

Bidding Document for Goods

Standard Bidding Document for Goods

Bidding document for Simple Works

Standard Bidding Document for Simple Works

Bidding Document for Complex Works

Standard Bidding Document for Complex Works

Bidding Document for Services

Standard Bidding Document for Services