4G Super Xpress Broadband Service


Gamtel Super Xpress Broadband service is a 4G wireless access technology from Fibre Optic backbone that provides very fast broadband internet access to subscribers such as corporate institutions, Government agencies, schools, residential, Internet Cafes, SOHO etc. This service allows you to BROWSE UNLIMITED FOR 30 DAYS WITHOUT WORRYING ABOUT EXHAUSTING YOUR MEGABITS.

Super Xpress Broadband has a very efficient and robust system that can be used to provide quick, cost effective and easy wireless access with seamless integration of both voice and data.  Quick to deploy as our expert technicians will just mounted an antenna on the roof of your House and then connected it to an Indoor wireless access point to create seamless WIFI around your home for computer, smartphone, tables, TV, gaming devices etc.

Gamtel’s desire is to serve customers in all parts of the country including areas outside the terrestrial network coverage, hence the introduction of a wireless broadband service offering (i.e. 4G Wimax technology), aims to address such market needs as well as serve customers with high speed bandwidth requirements.

Customer Benefits

  • Unlimited 4G Broadband internet Speed

  • Simple to deploy with minimal infrastructure cost

  • Provides Super-fast internet access

  • No more struggle or hassle with the speed

  • Countrywide coverage

  • Very energy-efficient and cost effective

  • Ideal for Residential, schools, small businesses, internet café, Restaurant and corporate institutions.




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