Corporate Internet For Home Use (CIHU)

Corporate Internet for Home Use targets Corporate Institutions to provide fast and affordable broadband internet for their senior staff.

CIHU is a unique package  of two Gamtel flagship broadband internet services for organizations to communicate to its senior staff members anytime-(24/7) to respond to urgent issues that cannot wait for the next day of business.

  1. Super Xpress is a dedicated fixed wireless broadband internet service that rides on fiber optic backbone with point-to-point connectivity. This service provides super-fast, reliable and secured internet connection
  2. ADSL2+ Broadband is a fixed line broadband which is affordable and provides unlimited stable internet connection for higher user experiences.


        Customer Benefits

  • Countrywide coverage
  • Unlimited Broadband internet Speed
  • Simple to deploy with minimal installation cost
  • Provides Super-fast internet access without struggle or hassle with the speed
  • Dedicated bandwidth
  • Special discount + 1 Meg bonus
  • Free two weeks trial for 10 or more subscribtions



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P: (123) 456-7890