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is a wireless modem device that allows computers or Laptops to connect to a wireless local area network without physical cables. This wireless modems uses Wi-Fi protocols to connect to a WLAN (wireless local area network), which can then provide instant Internet service that you can use everywhere. Ideal for home and small scale businesses that require broadband speed daily.



• Can be connected to any machine i.e. Laptop, desktop with a USB port

• Windows (windows 7, 2000, XP & Vista)and Macintosh (Mac OS9, OS X 10.6)compatible.

• High speed internet connection with high rate of packet data services, supporting

wireless downloading speed of up to3.1Mbit/s.

• Very portable and easy to carry.

• Reliable performance and easier operation help to improve the user experience

• Plug & Play, very easy to use and no hassle.

• Daily/monthly/yearly data statistics.

• SMS service (send and receive SMS).

• More secured; no Sim card, no UIM care service encoded in the USB card, no

third party access when lost. Gamtel automatically block service when reported.

• With or without electricity you can always connect with your computer.

• Access to Gamtel Web Portal to load your account, check your credit balance and validity and query your account history.(


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